Goggins Transport understands that the varied logistics attached to goods and cargo can be a process which often incorporates periods of goods resting during the transportation process and as such we offer warehousing facilities in both Dublin and Liverpool. Our warehouses offer the following services:

  • Coordination
    We can manage and implement any point of the supply chain in relation to the scheduling, coordinating, monitoring and material flow of your goods. This is achieved through our internal systems and procedures by dedicated staff members who control and wield a proficiency within these processes.
  • Storage + Handling
    For goods that simply require storage for a length of time, we receive and inventory the goods in our secure storage warehouse facilities for both customer and vendor-owned goods alike. These remain safely stored in designated areas until required or retrieved by the client.
  • Pick + Packing
    Within our warehouses we have picking and packing facilities whereby staff can prepare and pack goods to received orders either individually on a case-by-case basis or by combining components when required. This service supports the production, distribution or in some instances the installation of warehouse stored goods/cargo.
  • Fulfilment
    Through liaison with the client and their customers’ needs, we are equipped with the manpower, stock and inventory systems to fulfil customer orders. If required, this can also include the full process of an order from picking and packing through to distribution via orders and shipments.
  • Distribution
    Whether inbound or outbound (or a combination of both), we can manage the coordination and distribution of product shipments. Managing the relevant channels and flow direction(s) of goods in this regard allows for efficient distribution on a local, regional or even global basis.
  • Returns
    In an instance where products have to be returned, the reverse inventory flow is managed by Baku GLS. This involves the disposition of said returned items in full accordance with our clients instructions should such a matter arise and any and all relevant follow-up as dictated by their working procedures.