Instead of being swept away by the winds of change in an ever shifting business landscape (especially so in the transport industry); we at Goggins Transport have anchored ourselves to the current and modern psyche whereby technology and the environment harmoniously converge. This results in an even smoother process filled with peace-of-mind for all involved which allows us to:

  • GPS track all of our tractor units – this gives you, the client, access to track and trace your goods 24 hours a day during the transportation process
  • Software development has advanced and been implemented to allow and ensure the most efficient and optimum route be taken for each and every journey and also adding a new layer of communication clarity between all parties
  • All of our drivers are equipped with portable smartphone technology thus enabling for POD (proof of delivery) obtainment, ETA (estimated time of arrival) gauges and an overall thread of informational accuracy
  • Monitors and controls of both emissions and fuel efficiency as well as telematics analytics for driver training to ensure we can pass down savings to the client alongside an environmentally conscious and progressive mind-set towards industry sustainability
  • We work with all of our partners to ensure and sustain the relevancy and current standing of our business and practices